Most tasks in construction are potentially life-threatening. From lifting heavy loads to working on elevated platforms, one false mistake can lead to serious consequences. If you don’t know the right safety skills at work, your job may lead you to injuries, disabilities and even death. 

As a building contractor, one of your responsibilities is to ensure the safety of your workers in whatever their designation. You can do this by enrolling them in various training courses. These short career enhancement programmes are aimed to improve their knowledge in minimising the odds of getting involved in an accident. Here are some of the courses you can choose from:

Short Courses for Workplace Safety

  • White Card – The Australian government requires all construction workers to get a white card. This is a short training course aimed to educate workers about the important standards and legal requirements on workplace safety. The training involves abiding by safe work practices, wearing of appropriate dress codes and hazard assessment and control.
  • First-Aid – While first-aid and emergency response training is usually part of the school curriculum, You still need to give your workers a refresher. Like any other skill, performing first aid should be practised from time to time to make sure that they do it right when a real catastrophe takes place. And since construction workers are no strangers to accidents, you need to upgrade the knowledge of your personnel on provided immediate treatment to wounds, bruises, fractures, and other injuries.     
  • Working at Heights – Workers with no experience in working on elevated spaces are at risk of serious injuries. Without the right training, they are prone to deadly injuries. The quality of their job may also suffer because of their lack of knowledge of the proper handling of tools and equipment when they are metres above the ground. Hence, you need to train your employees on what they should do when they work at heights. 
  • Confined Spaces – Employees assigned to carry out their tasks in confined spaces are at risk of suffocation. Working in an oxygen-deprived environment can result in loss of consciousness or carbon monoxide poisoning, especially when engines are on. To avoid these, your employees must know what to do in enclosed spaces. They must know how to monitor whether the air they breathe contains harmful chemicals. Aside from that, they should learn how to clean the work area and store the equipment. 
  • Erection and Dismantling of Scaffolding – The improper erection of scaffolding can put your workers at risk. So, make sure you give the right training to the worker assigned in assembling and dismantling this temporary structure. He or she must know how to set up scaffolding with safety in mind. The course will also teach your employees how to work safely at heights while assembling.

Accidents can never be avoided in the construction industry. It is one of the occupational hazards for workers. But with proper safety training from these courses, your employees can be saved from potential disasters. Just make sure that they are trained by an established training institution with decades of teaching experience.