With only three months to go until Christmas, businesses are busier than ever trying to push through as many of their sales and deliveries to meet customer expectations and demands. What is exciting about this for jobseekers is that it’s also the time that the employment gates open and recruitment in a lot of business amp up. There is a need to backfill staff undertaking leave and ensure that productivity is still maximised. Again, it’s about a business being required to service customer needs with minimal financial risk – this means closing over the Christmas period isn’t a viable option. What better time to upskill yourself than now!? Labour hire agencies and mid to large tier organisations including supply chain and distribution centres are seeking candidates for contract and view-to-permanent work to fill roles that typically require the qualifications that Get Skilled Australia have on scope. The training you receive is Nationally Accredited and will put you in the best position when speaking with employers and/or recruitment agencies. Want to combine training to stand out even more? Don’t settle for just a forklift course! Add even more value to your applications by undertaking our limited time only JOB READY PACKAGE. This includes a white card, forklift, confined space and working at heights training as well as your First Aid Certificate. If this doesn’t give you the competitive edge you need to secure that job, we don’t know what will! We know that this time of year usually means all of those quarterly bills come at once and there are a lot of Christmas gifts to purchase and that’s why training for employment at this time of year can take that added pressure off your shoulders. In a tight financial position? Try our “train now, pay later” option by contacting one of our friendly staff to see if this is an option for you. We ho-ho-hope you score that job via our training pathways and look forward to seeing your job updates soon!