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Our team has the reputation of providing the best forklift licence training in Central and South Queensland and for all surrounding Wide Bay-Burnett areas. We have a team of licensed trainers who specialise in forklift and order picker training for new licences and refresher courses.

Types of Forklift Licences

We don’t treat everybody the same. If you are already an experienced forklift operator our Accelerated course can have you licensed in only 1 day. We also have an RPL Refresher course for those who have previously held a license and have let it lapse. This is generally covered within 2-6 hours depending on how many on the course that day.

Companies can take advantage of the RPL Refresher course to ensure their employees are up to speed with the latest OH & S requirements and especially if they have staff members who haven’t operated a forklift for a while.

If you have never operated a Forklift before our Standard course for beginners operates over 1-3 days and guarantees you will get licensed or you can keep coming back for more training until you do!

We are committed to making you a great Forklift operator, whilst at the same time we believe that you must enjoy your learning experience.

To achieve these goals our courses focus on 5 key points.

  • High quality training
  • Low course fees
  • Fast, fun & convenient courses
  • Help finding work after the course
  • Guarantee to pass or more training till you do

Our Forklift training courses tick off on ALL of these above points and more. We will have you skilled up, licensed and back to work in no time at all. Guaranteed!

Whether you are a job seeker looking for a start in the warehousing industry or a business manager looking to up skill your team we have a training course for you.

Forklift training made easy

Within minutes of booking a course you will be e-mailed a training manual.

You then attend a practical training session with one of our expert forklift trainers, prior to completing the licence assessment.

The benefits that you can expect
  • The pass rate for our licence assessment is very high.
  • We pride ourselves on having the best trainers in the industry
  • Course duration is on average 1 full day
  • Course prices are competitive
  • Our customer satisfaction increases with every course we fulfil.

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