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Confined Space Course for Workers
Confined spaces can be an extremely dangerous work environment and the utmost of care and caution needs to be taken before anyone considers entering or working near a confined space. Identifying, understanding, and controlling the hazards provides workers with the ability to safely perform their duties within, or when monitoring these environments. Here at Get Skilled Australia you will find a superior confined space course for workers that will not only completely exceed your expectations, but will also help you improve safety standards in your workplace, ensuring no one will be harmed when they perform daily activities. During our confined space course for workers, we discuss various aspects of an on-site confined space program. Participants will learn the principles required to safely identify, assess, monitor, and/or enter the confined spaces they may encounter on the job site. The content will also cover the various roles and responsibilities required for a confined space program. This course includes case studies and a series of interactive workshops designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain throughout the session. When you select Get Skilled Australia because you need a superior confined space course for workers, you can have peace of mind knowing your employees will understand everything related to the following aspects:
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Supporting roles
  • Hazard controls
  • Testing and normalizing atmospheres
  • Emergency response
  • Permitting
All of the students included in this course are all those who may be involved with a confined space program at the worksite including the employer, management team, entry supervisor, attendant, entrants, and rescuers. Our specialised confined space course for workers covers many different areas, making the professional an integral user and knowledgeable individual in all aspects related to how to act in confined spaces.
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